Free ReactJS security course

Most of the courses cover the basic concepts of ReactJS by building some sample applications. If you want to secure your application using username/password combination and provide access to part of the application based on the role of the user there not many free resources available. Very few courses cover security as a fundamental requirement.

If you are looking to secure your web application written in ReactJS, Ryan Chenkie is offering a free react security course on his website.

ReactJS Security course

You will get a step by step video guide and sample code to secure your ReactJS application using JSON webtokens concept. You can watch the video tutorials online or download the video tutorials from his website.

As a part of his course, he covers JSON web token anatomy , securing applications with username and password, maintaining auth state across different request and also covers the accessing part of the application based on the user like.

He also covered some of the security issues faced by web application like Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and Cross-Site Scripting Attack (XSS) and how to harden your application to mitigate them.

The sample application uses REST API. If you are looking to secure your ReactJS application which is using GraphQL API , you have to buy his advanced course. If you don’t want to spend money but can understand the code then you can go through the sample application built using GraphQL API on his GitHub repository.

If you are looking for more advanced security topics like using refresh tokens and access tokens and using OAuth , he is also offering paid courses on his site.

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