Lombok: A Comprehensive Guide to Java’s Most Useful Library

What is Lombok and Why Is It So Popular Project Lombok is a java library that seamlessly integrates with your editor and build tools, enhancing your java. It improves developer productivity by reducing the amount of boiler plate to be written in your java programs by providing set of annotations. Instllation To configure lombok with…


JUST – CLI for developing Spring Boot applications

JUST is command line toolkit which greatly simplifies the developing of Spring Boot Applications. Introducing Just, the go-to command line tool designed to enhance your Spring Boot developer experience! Currently offering the incredible “Just Run” feature. Get ready for Just Run, the only command you’ll need to kickstart your Spring Boot application in development mode….


Build and Release Spring Boot 3 Native Image Binary with GitHub Actions

In this post, how to build and release native image of Spring Boot 3 application with GraalVM using CI/CD pipeline of GitHub Actions. In one of my previous blog posts, I have shown you how to build native image of spring boot 3 framework application in local system. In this blog post, we will take…